Are you willing to take an editing test?
Definitely! I understand that publishers need to ensure they hire only the best freelance editors, so I am always willing to take editing and proofreading tests to help you discern if I’m the right editor for your company. If you’re curious about the type of work I do and the type of clients I work with, please peruse my Editorial Portfolio.

Do you offer proofreading services? Developmental editing services?
Yes, I proofread both in Microsoft Word (what I generally refer to as “editorial proofreading”) and Adobe Acrobat. I do not offer developmental editing services at this time; however, please contact me if you’re in need, as I may be able to refer you to one of my colleagues.

What software do you use?
I work with Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat. In Word, I use the Track Changes feature to make my edits and the Comment feature to ask questions and provide suggestions. In Acrobat, I use the Tools feature to leave comments and note changes.

Do you accept rush projects?
I do accept rush projects, but my availability varies depending on my current workload and deadlines. If you have a rush project, please contact me and I’ll do my best to meet your needs.

Will you provide a style sheet?
Yes, I provide a style sheet with every project. If you have a preferred style sheet, I am willing to work with that as well.

I represent a nonprofit organization that publishes promotional and educational materials. Can you help us promote the cause?
I love nonprofits and the work they accomplish! I love nonprofit work so much, in fact, that I offer nonprofit organizations a special discounted rate. Please contact me for details.